10 best face oils for the perfect moisture boost


Applying oil to your face may seem completely counter-intuitive when many of us put a lot of effort into trying to control greasy skin.

However, while mineral oil should be avoided for its breakout-inducing properties, a good blend of essential oils such as evening primrose or patchouli can lock in moisture, supporting skin’s natural barrier and improve elasticity in tired, papery skin.

There’s a facial oil to suit every skin type.

The right choice for you will sink in nicely with a little facial massage and be absorbed a few hours later; if it just sits on the skin, it’s probably too heavy.

Oils do tend to be more expensive than most other skincare – with the exception, perhaps, of serums – due to their focus on pure, natural ingredients in high percentages, but their efficacy and potency means you only need a little, so a bottle lasts far longer than you might expect.

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