10 Best Indian Foods And Drinks To Cool You Down This Summer

This year, even the relatively cool Bengaluru has been hit by yet another hotter-than-usual summer, sending us scrambling to get our ACs serviced.

Our bodies, responding to cues from the weather, want us to steer clear of greasy, heavy and spicy foods. Summer means our bodies crave for cooling, hydrating and light foods. It is also imperative that summer meals don’t force us to spend too much time in front of the cooking stove, adding to the sweat and discomfort.

Come summer, I ensure I stock up my kitchen with ingredients like dahi (curd), paneer, poha, boiled potatoes, cucumber, mangoes and moong sprouts — food that can be made into quick and light salads and meals.

I was curious to know what kind of food (and drinks) people like during summer. I took to Twitter to ask people about their favourite summer foods and got a flurry of responses. Here’s what I found.

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