10 best tweezers to pluck your brows with precision


Whether you prefer them fluffy, arched or thin, the key to beautiful brows sits in your make-up bag. Despite so many alternative methods on the market, tweezers are a failsafe way of tidying up on the go and, unlike microblading or waxing, won’t put a strain on your beauty budget.

But like many beauty staples, it’s tricky to find tweezers that actually get the job done. The right pair for you depends on the task at hand. Those with finer and lighter hair may just want to touch up their brows, but if you have thick, dark hair that tends to grow wherever it pleases, tweezers need to be versatile and precise enough to target every part of your face.

Once you’ve found the shape that suits you, it’s also important to remove hair in the same direction it grows and stay selective with those you remove – overplucking can leave your brows permanently patchy.

When possible, also try to pull from the root. We’ve looked for tweezers that manage to do this without breaking the hair at the surface – this often leaves hairs looking and feeling stubbly. We also wanted them to feel sturdy and comfortable in your hand, as well as staying sharp enough that they maintain a precise grip on every type of hair.

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Skinny Dip icon mini tweezer: £6, Skinny Dip

Everything from Skinny Dip is colourful and pretty, even its tweezers. This pair are dotted in cherries and stars and come in a cute, compact size, making them perfect for travel or spur of the moment eyebrow plucking. With a slanted tip for precise tweezing, we found them equally easy to use on your eyebrows, upper lip and chin, removing even the shortest and most elusive of hairs with minimal pain.

Laura Mercier tweezers: £18.50, John Lewis & Partners

Specifically designed for Laura Mercier by the experts at Tweezerman, this pair have a unique design that makes them easier to control. The tips are hand-filed and slanted, ideal for short, stubborn hairs. While they’re pricier than your average tweezers, they more than make up for it in quality – there’s no risk of them bending out of shape if left at the bottom of your bag too long.

Boots precision grip slanted tweezers: £3.80, Boots

If you’ve ever found yourself in a hair plucking emergency, odds are you’ve purchased a pair of these tweezers in your lifetime. Considering their low price, they’re incredibly strong and grip together closely rather than skimming over fine hairs. However, the thickness of the metal can make it difficult to pluck coarser hair

Tweezerman expertweeze lighted slant tweezer: £30, Cult Beauty

Tweezerman’s products are award-winning, but this pair might just be the best of the bunch. With an attached LED light to help guide you towards every single hair, it also serves as a comfy grip. Needless to say, they’re incredibly precise and cleanly pull every hair from the root, rather than snapping it at the surface.

BBB London super grip tweezers: £20, BBB London

Made for the team at BBB London’s famous brow bars, these tweezers bring their expertise into your everyday beauty routine. They’re high-quality stainless steel, curved slightly at the end to make it easier to reach difficult spots, and are even adept at prising out ingrown hairs. While they’re not designed to do so, our tester also found that they’re perfect for applying false eyelashes.

Bobbi Brown tweezer: £25, Bobbi Brown

When you picture a well-made pair tweezers, they look like this – sleek, strong and sharp. Made from stainless steel, they felt the most sturdy out of all the options on this list. Our tester was particularly impressed when they managed to grip a hair which had barely reached the surface, all without damaging or scratching the skin.

Brush Works HD combination tweezer set: £7.99, Look Fantastic

Whether you find it easier to use pointed, slanted or straight tweezers, this set has you covered. While the flatter tips are great for coarse hair, a narrower end can tweeze ingrown hairs, or even apply eyelashes and remove splinters. We particularly liked the slanted point pair, which are ideal for grooming the arches of your brows.

Sosu By Suzanne Jackson lash and brow tweezers: £6.95, Beauty Bay

Any make-up bag can benefit from these versatile tweezers, which target both brows and applying lashes. Their curved, ergonomic design means they rest comfortably between your fingers and easily retrieve prickly hair. Our tester also loved how smoothly they apply eyelashes without damaging any of the fibres. Those looking to target stubborn hair on the top lip or chin, however, may prefer something a bit sharper.

Anastasia Beverly Hills precision tweezers: £26, Anastasia Beverly Hills

Brand founder Anastasia Soare knows brows like nobody else, as evidenced in these tweezers. The tip is tapered and specifically designed to dive between hairs to reach the one you’re targeting. While a lot of tweezers start off sharp, these also come with a protective rubber cap to ensure they stay that way.

Benefit grooming tweezer and brush: £17, Benefit

If you primarily use tweezers to groom your brows, this is the pair for you. With a classic slant tip on one end and a brush on the other, you have everything you need to keep your eyebrows clean and tidy. This can make it awkward to hold at times but is more than worth it for the convenience of styling.

The verdict: Tweezers

As an all-round pair for every type of unwanted hair that might crop up, we recommend Skinny Dip’s icon mini tweezers. However, if you’re looking to target your brows in particular, we love the Tweezerman expertweeze lighted slant tweezer, while the Bobbi Brown tweezers are our top choice for facial hair.

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