10 fitness and nutrition hacks

Finding the time and motivation to work out and eat healthy is challenging for most people. But with the right preparation and a few simple behavior modifications, exercise and a balanced diet do not have to be impossible. Here are some nutrition and fitness hacks from Central Florida fitness trainers to help keep your health on track.

Prep meals

Planning and shopping for the right food in advance helps prevent impulse eating, saving consumers money and calories. Taking just 30 minutes a week to plan meals, from snacks to family dinners, can help keep eating habits on track.

“Plan once for the week and then buy and prep it all on a day that works for you. Cut up fruits and veggies and package other items so they are ready for you each morning as you walk out the door and head to work,” said Kristen E. Scruggs, owner of Strong Finish Run Coaching and Sports Nutrition.

To really understand how much you are consuming, use a food scale.

“If you’re eyeballing a one-ounce serving of cheese to put on top of your dinner, you’re more than likely adding way too much,” Scruggs said.

Work out with a friend

When you are meeting someone to work out, the accountability rises. A study done by The American Society of Training and Development found that people are 65 percent more likely to complete a goal if a commitment to someone else is part of the deal. Having a specific appointment or meeting time to help achieve that goal increases success by up to 95 percent.

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