10 Healthy Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

If you’ve been feeling queasy in the morning, start by nibbling a banana. It’s easy on your stomach and packs 40 micrograms of folic acid for your growing baby.

The first trimester—perhaps more than the others—can feel like a rollercoaster. To keep your energy levels up and nausea at bay, reach for easy, healthy snacks throughout the day.

So what should you eat during your first trimester of pregnancy? Nuts are perfect. They’re crunchy and salty while giving you loads of healthy fats and folic acid. They’re also easy to toss in your bag for snacking emergencies.

Your body needs variety, but avocados may be the ultimate healthy food for pregnancy. They contain good fats to keep you full and are rich in nutrients. The vitamin B6 in avocados will not only help your baby’s brain growth, but could even ease morning sickness. More avocado toast, please!

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