10 Healthy Frozen Foods You Should Always Have on Hand

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Eliminating processed foods from your diet is probably the best tip for keeping your weight in check and feeling fantastic. But with such hectic schedules and a limited amount of time to spend in the kitchen, it’s also a pretty unrealistic goal.

Thankfully, not all packaged goods are as devilish as you might expect. The next time you’re stocking up, go for these 10 frozen foods to speed your way to a healthy meal.

1. Shrimp

These tiny crustaceans cook so fast from fresh, you’ll only add a minute or two to your prep time by adding them to your dish straight from the freezer. Shrimp are also a great source of lean protein. According to Men’s Health, you’ll score 18 grams of the muscle-building nutrient for just 84 calories when you eat a 3-ounce portion.

2. Brown rice

One of the most notable takeaways from the government’s updated dietary guidelines is the recommendation to increase our intake of whole grains. Perhaps the easiest way to make this switch is by opting for brown rice instead of the white variety. The downside? Eating Well says brown rice can take up to 50 minutes to fully cook, while white rice typically falls in the 15- to 20-minute range.

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