10 Luxury Bags Worth Saving Up For


It’s December and although you’re thinking of what to get your friends and family, you’re probably making your own wishlist as well. And if you’re lucky enough to receive a bonus this time of year, a luxury handbag might just be at the top of your list.

In fact, this study from a couple years ago found that some designer handbags are a better investment than diamonds.

“Designer handbags are an excellent investment. There is also a huge market in what we call ‘future antiques.’ In other words, pieces that aren’t obvious collectibles now, but may be worth a fortune in a few years’ time,” Will Thomas of Love Antiques told the Daily Mail.

(If you do plan on selling your bag in the future, however, just remember that Chanel isn’t a big fan of resale.)

Be honest with yourself, how many handbags do you own? How many are stuffed in little hiding places all around your home? Maybe a bag under the bed, maybe some in old shoe boxes. Of course, the ones you actually use are in easy access places, but the rest are stored away out of sight and out of mind, never to be worn again.

The truth is, all you really need are six essential bag types, one of each if you’re keeping it minimal, to have on hand for every occasion.

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