10 Pairs Of Jean Shorts That Don’t Suck


Not all jean shorts are created equal. In fact, many jean shorts are ― quite frankly ― terrible.

They ride up, they fall down, they bunch in the front, they bunch in the back. They fit everywhere but the waist, they fit everywhere but the leg. They’re too tight, too big, too ripped, too polished ― you get the picture.

That reality often leads denim enthusiasts to go the DIY route with a reliable pair of jeans, but this too can be risky without the proper tools.

It’s an at once glorious and nerve-wracking feeling to find the perfect pair of jean shorts, a balance between wanting to basically live in them and wanting to extend their life as long as possible. If that sounds like you, might we recommend finding your perfect match and stocking up?

The jean shorts below come recommended by our editors and boast a broad range of sizes and price points. Try one, try them all ― and just try to forget about the uncomfortable days of denim past.

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