10 Superfoods That Can Help You Achieve More Restful Sleep

When we think about the main things that keep us healthy, like nutrition, sleep and exercise, it’s easy to envision them as parallel highways, with what we do in one lane having little effect on another.

But as scientists continue learning about the complex biological processes that keep us running, it’s becoming clear that these roads to health are far more intertwined than we may realize.

Nutrition and sleep are both hot areas of research right now, and recent studies have found that what we eat affects how we sleep, and that in turn, how we sleep can affect what we eat. Clear links between certain foods and nutrients and sleep quality exist, and knowing which foods to include in your diet may help you get better rest.

Eat These Superfoods for Better Sleep

First, let’s take a look at at some of the important research regarding sleep and nutrition, and then we’ll cover the top superfoods that support healthy rest.

A recent, large-scale Pennsylvania University study found that people whose diets were low in nutrients like alpha carotene, selenium, lauric acid and calcium were more likely to have difficulty falling asleep. Diets low in vitamin D, butanoic acid, lauric acid, and lycopene were associated with difficulty staying asleep.

Researchers also linked diets low in calories, carbohydrates, vitamin C, potassium, and plain water with sleep troubles.

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