10 types of body care products that are harming your skin & body

In today’s day and age, beauty and perfection is being striven for like never before. Influenced by beauty influencers and photo shopped magazines, the trend is to be “flawless”. Looks have been over emphasized and the demand for products to enhance these looks has increased over time.

However, every story doesn’t have a happy ending; overuse and obsession of these products can be harmful to the skin.The type of products being used extensively are as follows, here are their effects according to

  1. Nylon brush,Pufa,Kathya or Pumice Stone is often use by people to clean their body. Prolonged use of these can cause Nylon Brush Dermatitis which is seen as dark colored patches on hands, legs and all friction areas.Nylon Brush Dermatosis or Nylon Towel Dermatosis was first reported inJapan.Bluish black pigmentation, the most striking feature in the friction group was seen over the inner ends of the collar bones (medial ends of the Clavicles) and at the protrusion seen at the back of the wrist (Ulnar Styloid Process).
  1. Skin lightening creams: Many triple combinations with Hydroquinone, Retinoid and Steroids are available in the market.Melasma is a common acquired Pigmentary Skin Disorder characterized by macular pigmentation of the face involving the cheeks, upper lips, and the forehead in varying combinations. Prolonged use can cause skin thinning, bruising, white spots and Hypersensitive Skin.

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