10 ways lemon water actually affects your skin


Like apple cider vinegar, lemon water has been hailed as a beauty and wellness miracle worker for quite some time now, as some feel thatsipping it first thing in the morninghelps detoxify the body, allowing your skin to stay hydrated and look equally radiant.

However, topical uses of lemon water also have its perks, as some dermatologists say it’s rich vitamin C and citric acid content helps fight fine lines and unwanted discoloration. But like all DIY remedies, lemon water also has its share of setbacks, as top dermatologists note that it can cause burns and irritation to the skin when exposed to direct sunlight.

To show you just how lemon water actually affects your skin, we spoke to some expert dermatologists on the topic just in case you are thinking about adding it to your everyday routine. Here are some things they recommend keeping in mind before you actually give it a try.

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