10 Winter Boots That Go With Everything And Keep You Warm


While we love an excuse to wear our cute winter coats and accessorize with scarves and hats, the winter weather can take a toll on that trendy wardrobe. Snow will destroy your favorite suede booties without the right snow protection for shoes, and you risk frozen feet if you don’t wear boots that are warm enough.

Historically, snow boots have been clunky, unattractive shoes that we dreaded wearing and would quickly change out of the second we stepped foot into the office. Thankfully, designers today have caught on to the need for fashionable winter boots that can withstand snow, water and your 10 a.m. meeting.

You can find sherpa-lined boots that will keep your toes toasty or lace up hiking boots with a fun fur cuff. Plus, snow boots make a great gift for the friend or family member who could use an upgrade from their UGG’s.

We’ve rounded up 10 stylish snow boots to wear this winter that you can shop before it starts to snow.

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