11 beauty products that will save you time in the morning


You shouldn’t make them harder by making your bleary-eyed self attempt a 27-step hair and makeup tutorial.

That said, in some jobs, you might want to put your best face forward. And that’s fine! But that doesn’t mean you have to set your alarm an hour earlier every morning. If you’re looking to cut corners, without necessarily compromising on your looks, this might be worth a read.

1. Any eyebrow pencils with a comb attached.

Combing your brows is really important for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it helps dispearse product you’ve applied more evenly throughout the brow. And second, it actually helps encourage growth. If you have any sparse patches, you need to start brushing those babies!

Benefit is a brand that has mastered multi-purpose. Their range of tints – Posie, Benetint, Lollitint, Gogo Tint and Chacha Tint – mean you can just smack them on your lips, cheeks and even your eyes and go about your daily business.  Plus, the packaging is dinky enough, which makes them good for handbag transportation!

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