11 skin and hair care tips by an expert for the girl on the go

Travelling long hours by flight, train or car can take a toll on your skin and hair with the long hours sitting inside the car, the air pressure in the flight, exhaust fumes, pollution, traffic etc. Your skin and hair need to be nurtured more during these stressful times to be at its glorious best.

Buy mini travel size bottles to fill in your favourite shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, moisturizer and face wash gel. Fill them up and label them. If you want to carry products that get oxidized like Vit C serums, get a dark coloured bottle to prevent oxidization. These bottles which are less than 100 ml will pass through airport counters and will not add to the weight of the baggage

2. Don’t throw away mini jars and containers. Wash and keep them handy for your travel. You can also ask for skincare samples with your purchases which will come in handy during travel.

3. Even if your hotel provides you with face wash gel, remember to take your own if you have sensitive skin or if you are prone to breaking out. Most hotels provide you with body wash and moisturizer but take your own if your skin needs specific products.

4. Keep your favourite skin sprinter in your handbag so you can keep spraying yourself for hydration. You can make up your own with rose water or a thermal spray.

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