12 best night oils for mature skin that hydrate, brighten and tackle wrinkles


Too often women shy away from using a face oil, because let’s face it, in our minds, oil equals grease which in turn gives you breakouts. But this couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact, face oils will hydrate, moisturise and give your skin a powerful hit, more than most creams do, due to their liquid consistency.

Oils work in a different way to creams and lotions and are some of the best products for treating not only very dry or flaky skin, but also oily and combination skin types. The right facial oils will moisturise without creating a greasy texture and will help regulate and maintain your skin’s natural oil barrier by balancing sebum production.

At night time in particular, it’s important to use more nourishing oils that work in tandem with the skin’s natural nightly repair mode, especially if you’re getting less than eight hour’s shut-eye, which unfortunately is the case for most of us.

Older skin will especially benefit from introducing a face oil at night, as the skin tends to be thinner, drier and lacklustre as skin ages. These evening face oils will not only create a sense of calm and balance, thanks to their sleepy scents, but also work hard on your skin to ensure you wake up with a luminous glow, no matter how sleep-deprived you may be – or feel.

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Elemis peptide4 night recovery cream-oil, 30ml: £49, Elemis

Looking to fake a well-rested and glowing complexion? Well, here’s your answer. One of our favourite beauty brands, Elemis, has based a range of its skincare on the principle that our skin follows natural circadian rhythms, creating waves of activity which trigger cells to perform certain processes at specific times of the day, with repair and renewal being boosted during the night. With this in mind, Elemis has combined perilla seed oil, omega 3, vitamin E and anti-oxidants to deliver a powerful burst to tired and ageing skin. Plus, it has a pleasant smell and sinks into the skin immediately, leaving no greasy residue on your pillowcase. There’s really not much to dislike.

Marie Reynolds face night oil, 30ml: £37.99, Marie Reynolds

There is a justifiable reason why this product, which only launched last month, is already receiving rave reviews from every beauty editor in the industry. This multi-tasking night facial oil includes a slow release vitamin A that doesn’t cause the inflammation you often get from other retinol products.This is packed with antioxidants and essential properties to heal, moisturise, soothe and brighten the skin and it’s especially effective on scarring and pigmentation. Although it has a light texture, it feels nourishing and sinks into skin well. Do you need any more persuasion? We didn’t think so.

Disciple miracle drops CBD, 30ml: £45, Disciple London

This is an example of new-age skincare at its best. CBD is a solid choice when it comes to reducing inflammation and redness on your skin. Available in one per cent, 2.5 percent and five percent concentrations, this oil can also be used orally to help reduce stress and anxiety, just pop half a dropper under the tongue for 30 seconds then swallow. Although this isn’t a night oil per se, add a few drops to your night cream to strengthen your skin barrier and give your skin (and your mood) a boost. It’s very simply developed, which makes it a great choice for sensitive skin.

Drunk Elephant virgin marula luxury facial oil, 30ml: £61, Space NK

Like every product under the Drunk Elephant umbrella, this has a cult following thanks to its intensely hydrating formula using marula oil. Rich in antioxidants, this hard-working blend is packed with anti-ageing ingredients – vitamin E, flavonoids and omegas 6 and 9 – that fight everything from wrinkles and fine lines to patches of discolouration. Lather generously on your face before bed and wake up glowing.

Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate, 30ml: £38, Kiehls

This signature blue bottle has been treating beauty lovers to a good night’s sleep for years. The blend of lavender and evening primrose oils work hard on your skin to reduce fine lines and promote cell regeneration for all-over radiance. It doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on skin and has a mild comforting scent that sets you into night-time mode with just one whiff. Frankly, its name speaks for itself.

Sunday Riley luna sleeping night oil, 25ml: £85, Cult Beauty

This face oil arrived on the beauty scene four years ago, yet it’s still hard to beat. This retinol-infused product works effectively on diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores, with some of our testers claiming they noticed their pores shrinking after just three days of using it. And don’t be put off by its blue appearance, the colour diffuses away when you massage it in. Yes, it’s pricey, but it certainly works.

Sanctuary Spa overnight repleneshing miracle oil, 30ml: £20, Look Fantastic

Deliver a nourishing kick to your skin with this super-rich and indulgent elixir. A combination of jojoba, sunflower, wheat germ, pomegranate and rosehip oils will help to leave your skin looking toned, soft and radiant, while the addition of the anti-ageing ingredient, “Juvinity”, works even harder to give your skin a hit of goodness while you sleep. A great choice for those on a budget.

Auerlia cell repair night oil, 50ml: £62, Aurelia Skincare

If you have sensitive skin, consider this a safe bet. This face oil will give you a full sensory experience thanks to its blend of neroli, rose, mandarin and lavender oils that work while you sleep to ensure hydrated, radiant and plump skin come morning. Although it’s an expensive choice, a little goes a long way. Go on and treat yourself, your skin will thank you for it.

Neom perfect night’s sleep face oil, 28ml: £42, Neom Organics

Those with an aversion to heavier oils will love this lightweight option, plus its dreamy lavender scent will help you drift off to the land of nod. This 100 per cent natural face oil blends in effortlessly, leaving a non-greasy veil that nourishes your skin while you sleep. It comes as no surprise that this oil has already won two beauty industry awards.

Liz Earle superskin concentrate for night, 28ml: £42, John Lewis & Partners

This intense aromatic blend is a game-changer for dry and dehydrated skin. Either apply before your night cream for an added moisture boost or simply wear alone. It’s packed with skin-loving oils – avocado, rosehip, argan, lavender, hazelnut, plus chamomile to aid in relaxation. And like all Liz Earle products it has a gorgeous spa-like smell. Use the tiniest amount if you’re applying it daily but be more generous if it’s for a weekly pamper.

Votary intense night oil, 50ml: £135, Votary

The price tag may be eye-watering, but this night oil from the cult beauty brand Votary does much more than make our bathroom shelves look more attractive. Its formula features avocado oil, tomato seed oil, rosehip oil and retinoid to deliver a gentle yet effective fix to mature skin, making fine lines less obvious come morning. While it’s delicious floral scent will encourage use, don’t be over-zealous with your quantities, it takes a while to sink into skin. You’ve been warned!

Murad multi-vitamin infusion oil, 30ml: £55, Murad

This offering from Murad is powered by six key vitamins, which work together to target signs of ageing while helping to boost hydration and brighten skin. Though not primarily for night-time use, its soothing lavender fragrance sends you into a sleepy state, so we felt it deserved a mention. If you’re looking for a skin-fix post-holiday or after a trying week at work, then this lightweight oil will get your complexion back on track, while also keeping fine lines caused by dehydration less obvious. Consider this your skin smoothie.

The verdict: Night oils for mature skin

Elemis as ever, never disappoints. Its night oil delivered a well-rested and glowing complexion even after little sleep. A close second goes to Marie Reynolds for creating an innovative anti-ageing product that shows obvious results after little use and within a reasonable price point too. It’s fair to say, we’re obsessed with both.

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