12 Smart Makeup Hacks From Beauty Lovers On Reddit


Do you love experimenting with makeup but aren’t exactly a pro when it comes to achieving a beat face? The beauty junkies of Reddit have you covered.

The online forum is a hotspot for both beauty and skin care lovers. If you’re not already tapped into the Skincare Addiction sub reddit, we highly recommend you check it out. Readers share everything from advice for finding the “best product for stained ‘I just finished making out’ lips” to tips on how to make the most of your mascara wands.

Below, we’ve compiled 12 of the most genius makeup hacks shared by redditors. Prepare for your makeup routine to get a lot easier.

1 Store your eyeliner pens upside down.

2 Heat up your eyelash curler.

3 Rethink your concealer.

4 Use a straw to get the last drops of foundation.

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