14 Epic Beauty Advent Calendars For Every Budget


Advent calendars, which count down from the first day of December to Christmas, have come a long way since their reported humble beginnings in the early 1900s. These days you’re hard-pressed to find an interest that isn’t available in the now-more-secular-than-religious phenomenon: wine, cheese, tea ― the list goes on.

But none of these holds a candle to the influx of beauty Advent calendars that have gotten bigger, more beautiful and more extravagant over the years.

No matter what you’re into: skin care, nail polish, fragrance or makeup, your favorite beauty brands (and some you may not have heard of) have plenty of fun options for the 2019 holiday season. Some will make great, affordable stocking stuffers while others are expensive and luxurious. All of them will make the beauty lover in your life very happy.

Check out some of our favorite beauty Advent calendars below.

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