15 best tips for faster weight loss


When it comes to losing weight, we have been told time and again to eat right and exercise regularly. From following a healthy diet plan to working out regime, those who want to lose weightleave no stone unturned to get a fitter body. But often, we miss on some basic yet important things which might also impact our weight lossjourney. Here we have mentioned a few important things that must be followed to maintain a healthy body weight.

Avoid skipping meals: It’s important to follow a sensible weight loss journey. Skipping meals will not help in losing weight but it may impact your physical and mental wellbeing. Also, when you skip meals, you might end up eating more. Remember, when you are hungry, you’re less likely to make healthy food choices.

Don’t expect quicker results: It is rightly said that gaining weight is easier than losing weight. It needs a lot of determination and willpower to follow a healthy lifestyle. On reaching a weight loss plateau, you might feel demotivated. And, this is the point which might break or make your weight loss plan successful.

Portion eating: Instead of eliminating your favourite foods from your diet, indulge in portion eating. This is the best practice to maintain a dietary balance.

Breakfast is important: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should never be skipped. Increase protein intake in your breakfast meal as it will help you stay fuller for a longer duration.

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