15 Common Skin Problems You Should Never Ignore

From your head to your feet, there are many different skin problems that you should never ignore. They can seemmild and harmless, or severe and dangerous, but all of them are something to pay attention to. The next time you get the opportunity, you should really pay attention to your skin. It’s best to talk to your doctor to make sure none of these skin problems are getting out of control

1. Discolored skin

Your skin is basically one big organ that can be affected by what’s going on internally. If your skin begins to yellow, that could indicate a problem with your liver. If the skin begins to bronze and you have diabetes, your body may be having trouble metabolizing your iron.

Discoloring can come in smaller places too. If your scars and joints start to darken, you’re gonna want to pay attention. This can be a sign of Addison’s disease.

No matter what, if your skin begins to change color, you’re gonna want to see a doctor. Don’t worry, we will talk about when to see a doctor about a sunburn later in the article.

2. Acne on your scalp

It’s really hard to notice when you get acne on your scalp. Because of that, this problem can go unnoticed for a really long time. Eventually, you will run your hands through your hair and hit one of these things and it hurts. Occasional acne should be expected, but it shouldn’t be commonplace.

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