15 easy foods that can help save you from pollution


Ask anyone and the biggest problem everyone, especially those living in the cities, big or small, is worried about is the effect of pollution on our health. It’s difficult to ignore — the daily breaths of bad air that we take in, and what it is doing to our innards, and not feel utterly helpless. After all, how can we counter the bad air all around us?


Apples boost our lung capacity and cut wheezing as they have quercetin and khellin (both flavonoids), which help open up the stuffed airways.


This ubiquitous fruit helps replenish potassium, low levels of which are linked to shortness of breath. Plus, they are one of the best sources of pyridoxine (vitamin B6) that plays a critical role in the production molecules (ATP and cAMP) that have been shown to help relax bronchial (lungs) muscle tissue.

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