15 Foods That Will Put You to Sleep


You probably know at least a couple of tried-and-true tricks for falling asleep faster and getting a better night’s sleep – like putting your phone away and not dozing off with the TV on. But there are foods that you can snack on before hitting your pillow that help better than counting sheep!

It’s not surprising that caffeine and sugar did not make the list, so steer clear of those and nosh on one of these to have you sleeping through the night.

Bananas are filled with the natural muscle relaxants potassium and magnesium. In addition, they contain tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin and melatonin to help you sleep all night long.

There’s actually truth to the idea that warm milk has soothing effects, although experts suspect that psychology has something to do with it. But dairy in general seems to work because calcium has a direct role in melatonin production.

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