17 exercise habits that are actually hurting you


Whether you’re an exercise newbie or you’ve been on your fitness grind for years, there’s no doubt you enjoy the many feel-good benefits of exercise on your physical andmental health- regular exercise is great for yourbrain and body, and challenging your body just feels awesome.

But plenty of common workout habitsare actually kind of dangerous, and you may unknowingly be hurting yourself in the process. INSIDER spoke with nine fitness experts who gave us the low-down on common habits that are not onlyruining your workoutsbut also potentially causing you to injure yourself.

Although it’s true that getting regular exercise is awesome for your body, you absolutely need to give yourself adequate rest. According toDr. Chelsea Axe, DC, CSCS and fitness expert atDrAxe.com, there are some potentially risky (and even life-threatening!) side effects of not giving your body the rest it needs.

“The side effects ofovertrainingare real and can range from mild to potentially life-threatening. Consistently skipping our rest days andovertrainingcan lead to poor performance and excess fatigue, thanks to [the] negative impacts not just on your muscles, but your metabolic, immune and hormonal systems, too,” she told INSIDER.

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