20 essential winter beauty tips you need to know


Cold weather and low humidity strip the skin and hair of its natural moisture in winter. Your skin care regimen in winter should aim at preserving the natural moisture of the skin and hair.

Cover your head when you leave your house and oil and condition your hair more frequently.Warm up some olive oil or coconut oil and apply on the scalp for an hour and then wash off, twice a week or so. This will help condition the hair and reduce frizz.

Use moisturising shampoos and post shampoo, use leave-in conditioners and serums if you have very dry hair. Tie up the hair and try not to leave it open for very long to prevent dryness.

Hair treatments like hair spas at the salon may help those who have very dry hair. Those with thick unmanageable hair may benefit with the cysteine treatment which helps the hair to soften and reduces frizz in the hair.

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