20 Skin Symptoms That Indicate More Serious Health Issues

Your skin is your largest organ, one that protects you from the elements and can even alert you to danger, thanks to the 1,000 nerve endings it packs per inch. However, for many of us, our skincare routine rarely goes beyond the aesthetic.

And, unfortunately, if you’re not doing your due diligence by routinely checking your skin, you may be ignoring potentially serious health issues.So, how do you know if it’s just irritation or something more? Make sure you have these 20 skin symptoms that indicate more serious health issues committed to memory and check in with your doctor if anything seems amiss.

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If you have suddenly developed light brown scaly patches on your skin, particularly on the front of your shins, it’s time to talk to your doctor. According to the American Diabetes Association, painless brownish scales on the lower legs are often a sign of diabetic dermopathy, a condition caused by diabetes-associated changes to the blood vessels. And when you want to keep yourself healthy for good, make sure you know the 9 Medical Tests You Should Always Demand from Your Doctor.

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