25 Non-Boring Button-Downs You Can Totally Wear To Work


Between prepping a lunch, packing your bag and making sure nothing’s stuck in your teeth post-breakfast, there’s a lot to do at home before you step out the door.

So the last thing you want to do in your morning rush before rush hour is think too much about what you’re going to wear.

After all, if you’re spending eight hours at the office (and in meetings that could have easily just been emails), you don’t want to be in something that’s uncomfortable.

But the classic white button-down that everyone swears by is a magnetic for accidents: croissant crumbs in the morning, a splash of salad dressing from lunch and a mid-afternoon coffee spill. There’s only so much that a Tide To Go pen can handle.

While a button-down can be dressed up or down, you might want one that’s a little more special than just a plain white one.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to work overtime to find a button-down that shows off some of your personality and is still work-appropriate. We did that for you and spotted button-downs that are anything but boring.

We found tops that are in bold colors; ones with beading; and others with prints and patterns. So now you’ll be all ready to take on the day — just roll up the sleeves on these tops or throw on a blazer. And don’t forget to put on a pair of stretchy dress pants.

Check out these button-downs that are work-ready already:

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