3 All Natural Hair And Face Masks

Yogurt And Mint Scrub
This is a sure shot winner when it comes to dealing with oily skin, especially during monsoon. Yogurt is an excellent cleanser for oily and combination skin and mixed with the following will make your skin feel squeaky clean and look amazing.  Take 3 tsp green lentil powder, 2 tsp rice powder, 2 tsp fresh mint paste, 2 tsp fullers earth, 2 tsp yogurt and half a tsp of camphor powder.

Mix all the ingredients well and add a few drops of rose water to smoothen the mixture. Now, gently scrub this all over the skin and wash off with tepid water. This can be done three times week for results.

Yogurt For Hair Care

Whether you are adopting this wonderful natural milk product to improve the quality of your hair or treating it for something specific, yogurt is one of the best ingredients to use for hair care.
For Dandruff
This hair mask is simple, easy and highly effective to treat dandruff. A scalp disorder that can have serious side effects like hair-fall. Take 4 tbsp yogurt, juice of one lemon, 3 tsp dried fenugreek powder and a pinch of camphor. You can choose to oil your hair or apply this mask from the scalp to the ends of the hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave for at least 45 minutes before you shampoo it off with a mild herbal shampoo. This should ideally be done once a week.

Yogurt For Skin Care

Honey And Yogurt Mask
If you have sun burnt your skin, and hence, feeling sore and leathery, the this mask has come for tour rescue. Mix together honey and yogurt and apply a layer on your face and neck or even on your arms. Allow it to soak in for some time. After 5-7minutes, massage it well. Not only are both honey and yogurt natural moisturisers but will also help hydrate and soothe the skin.

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