3 excellent homemade face packs for tanned skin


There is a lot of difference between the excessive tan resulting from repetitive trips out in the sun and a healthy tan. Little exposure to sun gives you a golden look and excessive exposure to sun gives you dark and dull skin.

The skin loses its natural glow. Though there are a lot of products available in the market which gives you false hope that they will remove tan in the most effective and natural way. But the truth is, they are loaded with chemicals which can cause skin issues. And those who are already tanned, using these chemical-based products can harm their skin even more.

So, it is always better to use some easy and homemade face packs to remove tan. The use of natural ingredients is very effective in removing the tan from your face. Even they do not cause any side effects and with their added antioxidants and nutrients they will enhance your skin’s health.

And the best part is you will get all these natural ingredients right there in your kitchen. Here are few de-tan face pack recipes which you can make easily at home.

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