4 common skin conditions you should never ignore


From tip to toe, there are many skin problems which we normally tend to ignore. We think that they will improve on their own as they are mild and harmless. We generally opt for home remedies and over the counter medicines to solve those skin problems. But we should pay attention to every skin conditions.

Some skin problems can be the symptoms of a serious underlying health issue. If we delay the treatment then it can harm your overall health. Thus, it is always better to know about the skin conditions, so that the next time you notice any of these conditions you can consult a doctor soon. Here we have mentioned 4 common skin problems which you must never ignore.

Malar rash
Malar rash is a purplish or red facial rash that covers the bridge of the nose and the cheeks. It is also known as butterfly rash. These rashes can occur due to various conditions such as rosacea, sunburn and lupus, vitamin deficiencies like pellagra, bacterial infections, genetic disorders, etc.

Medical intervention is necessary because there could be an underlying health condition responsible for the malar rash. People suffering from malar rash may experience a burning sensation, fatigue and neurological conditions like seizures, convulsions, etc.

This chronic skin condition needs medical treatment. This condition can be embarrassing for some people. Rosacea tends to worsen over time if left untreated. Rosacea has four subtypes which include erythematotelangiectatic rosacea (ETR), papulopustular rosacea, rhinophyma, and ocular rosacea.

All the four subtypes have its own set of symptoms. Even one individual can be affected with more than one subtype at the same time. The common types of symptoms include stress and anxiety, spicy food, alcohol, heavy exercise, extreme temperatures, etc. And the symptoms include facial swelling, red bumps, itchiness, red watery eyes, dry thick skin, etc.

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