4 exercises to enhance your mind


We all got to the gym and exercise build our body and stay physically fit, but ever thought if the fitness moves could be used to boost the mental health as well? Regular exercise does develop a drool-worthy body, but a new research has revealed that exercising has positive effects on mental health as well, including reducing stress, evading depression and improving brain functionality and cognitive ability. So here are the exercises that will do good to both your body and brain…

Running: If you are not a fan of running or cardio exercises, here’s something that will give you the push that you need to finally start running. Not only running keeps you in great physical shape, many researches have revealed that regular runners display enhanced connectivity between different areas of their brains.

Weight Training: looking to build strength and boost the brain too? Well, go for strength training. According to numerous studies, exercises that increase your grip strength are linked with your brain’s cognitive functioning too. To put it in simple words, muscular strength and mental health are interrelated.

Martial Arts: Martial arts look really great in the movies, right? Well, they are satisfying at the gym level too. Whether it’s the gym or an opponent, combat practices not only help you sculpt a toned athletic physique, but krav maga as a practice also help you boost your mental health, proved many studies.

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