4 foods that will spike up your testosterone levels


If you’re serious about your health, sexual health and physical gains, then you must up your testosterone game. When it comes to health and fitness, there aren’t many things this hormone cannot do. Among other things, it promotes muscle growth, strengthens bones, improves cognitive function and, most importantly looks after your bedroom performance. So, eat these 4 foods that will up your t-levels so that you don’t suffer in the gym or the bed.

Beans: Beans are considered as the ultimate healthy food and this is probably the reason why it’s a part of most country’s staple diet. Beans contain ample amount of proteins, zinc and fibre. And according to a research published in Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology in 2009, beans were found to be rich in D-aspartic acid that promotes the production of testosterone.

Milk: Milk is an essential source of protein and calcium. Other than women and children, it’s very beneficial for men to drink milk as well because it keeps your bonesstrong. Milk also contains the vital Vitamin D that keeps the testosterone level in check.

Egg Yolks: Same as milk, egg yolks are also a rich source of vitamin D. They also have a large amount of protein and cholesterol and it is great source of boosting testosterone production in the body. In a study by University of Eastern Finland in 2016 it was found that eating one egg per day is not as harmful as once thought to be.

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