5 Amazing Green Tea Face Masks To Cleanse Your Skin

The wonderful health benefits of green tea is no secret. But did you know that this antioxidant rich ingredient also works wonders to look after your skin? Green tea is an excellent skin cleanser (thanks to its powerful antibacterial properties) and as such it helps in pulling out dead skin cells, toxins, pollutants and sebum from deep within pores to leave you with smooth, clear and radiant skin. Moreover, it helps in fighting harmful free radicals to give you the ultimate anti-aging treatment.

To make the most of green tea, one of the best ways is to get yourself a green tea face mask that will work instantly to cleanse and nourish your skin and make you forget all about your skin troubles. So here are five amazing green tea face masks that you should definitely give a try:

This face mask comes packed with antioxidant-rich, skin benefiting ingredients like green tea, glycolic acid, kaolin and bentonite clay. They help in acne control by slowing down the oxidation of sebum and promotes cell-renewal.

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