5 Ayurvedic Face Scrubs For A Beauty Session At Home


On this Women’s Day, what are you doing to pamper yourself? Have you been thinking of a beauty session at home? Well, you surely need to treat yourself with some TLC. And that’s not just for today but more regularly. So start with making some changes in your beauty routine to take care of your skincare needs. And there’s nothing better than turning to Ayurvedic ingredients to cleanse and nourish your skin in the natural way.

One of the must-have beauty products is definitely a good face scrub that can remove dirt and pollution from deep within the pores and leave you with flawless skin. Here are five amazing Ayurvedic face scrubs that you must definitely consider buying:

1. Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Kumkumadi Face Scrub

Reduce fine lines, dark circles and other signs of ageing with this face scrub that contains 16 vital herbs like saffron in the form of Kumkumadi Tailam. It also contains almond oil that helps to nourish the skin and improve the complexion. You can buy this 50 gram pack for a discounted price of Rs 635. Shop here.

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