5 Basic Fermented Food Recipes for Better Gut Health

If you find yourself in a veggie rut (because the day will come when you can’t possibly sauté another bunch of spinach), you may be tempted to abandon them altogether. Don’t do that. Try something that will get you excited about veggies again: fermentation. OK, we know it’s not the most mouth-watering advertisement, but trust us, when you open your fridge to jars of ready-made, flavorful vegetables, you won’t be sorry you jumped on the trend.

This week’s featured foodie, Robyn Youkilis, and her newest cookbook, Thin From Within, are your go-to guides for all things gut-health related. With her holistic approach to nutrition, Robyn is showing us how to promote digestion with all the right ingredients. Check out these gut-healthy recipes that show just how easy it is to introduce fermented foods to your diet.

1. Homemade Sauerkraut

What comes to mind when you picture sauerkraut? A hot dog stand and a pile of grease? We bet you didn’t picture a green leafy salad or colorful stir-fry. With a crisp and fresh taste made using only cabbage, salt, and water, don’t be surprised when you start putting this go-to garnish on everything. Adding apples, beets, berries, or spices will make this fermented sauerkraut recipe even more delicious and customized to your taste.

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