5 Beautifying Wellness Teas You Can Also Use As Facial Steams


These days, it seems that there’s a tea for every ailment. Anxiety, bloating, and allergies can all be assuaged with an herbal concoction designed to support your internal systems. So it’s interesting that, in the last year or so, there’s been a surge of “beauty teas” to hit the market. While the benefits vary from brand to brand and tea to tea, what’s certain is that people are beginning to accept the idea that beauty really does start from within.

The notion that we can improve skin conditions without addressing internal health is officially old news. Functional beauty, or beauty from the inside out, is catching on. As such, people are starting to understand that real results are exponentially better when new healthy habits are ritualized. A constant stream of healing tea helps to repair internal damage—inflammation, hormone imbalance, and gut health to name a few—ails that can manifest as skin woes.

But that’s not the only reason these teas are the bees knees. In addition to sipping them, they can also be used on your face, either as a steam or a mask. To use tea as a steam, steep one or two tea bags (or serving sizes with loose teas) in a bowl of hot water and, employing a towel, hover your face over the mixture using the towel as a tent to keep moisture in. Stay for five minutes or longer if you so desire.

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