5 common misconceptions about stroke


Neurological diseases have a lot of overlapping symptoms making it difficult to arrive at a proper diagnosis. This is one of the reasons why stroke is sometimes under-diagnosed and more often over-diagnosed by the common people.

One needs to keep in mind that not all weakness and unconsciousness is stroke but such symptoms are neurological emergencies and may need immediate consultation. Stroke is one of the most common neurological emergencies. There are a lot of misconceptions prevailing about stroke.

#1 Many people believe that stroke invariably leads to weakness in one half of the body. “Though it is true in most of the cases, the symptoms depend on the location of the stroke in the brain.

A stroke is generally an acute event, ie developing within minutes to hours and may have various symptoms like visual disturbances, balance problems, speech difficulty, facial deviation and vomiting with or without any weakness,” says Dr Aravinda RV, Consultant Neurologist, Brains Hospital, Bengaluru.

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