5 Common Myths About Metabolism


It is near impossible to read about weight loss without seeing the word “metabolism,” being thrown around. And like a lot of subtopics under health and nutrition, it is prone to a fair share of myths. Here are five of them you may have come across.

1. Metabolism will noticeably decline once you hit 30

It is true that your metabolism slows down with time and age, though it is not so clear-cut. Women may actually see the biggest changes closer to menopause due to all the accompanying hormonal changes, for example.

If you do gain weight in your 30s, it could be due to several controllable factors and not entirely a matter of genetics. This is the decade when people are more likely to spend long hours sitting at the office, start taking care of children, and possibly not work out as much as they used to.

While aerobic exercises do benefit health, they are not enough for building muscle. If a person does not include strength exercises in their workout, poor muscle mass can contribute to a metabolic decline.

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