5 daily habits that can slow down skin ageing


Looking young and youthful is what everyone dreams of. When it comes to ageing, our face can be the first part of the body to show early signs. Be it stress, sun exposure or lack of proper skin care, a lot of factors can aggravate skin’s health. To fight signs like wrinkles, blotchy skin and wrinkles, we have listed five healthy habits which can slow down the process of skin ageing:

1. Eat clean and good
Your diet can play a major role. Steer away from processed foods and eat clean as much as possible. Include fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds to keep your antioxidant levels and collagen high.

2. Apply sunscreen
There is no cheat day with your SPF. Make sure to apply sunscreen every time you step out. One should apply the cream 15 minutes before heading out.

3. Hydrate your skin
If your skin is hydrated, it is healthy. Drink lots of water and use a good moisturiser on a daily basis.

4. Say no to smoking and alcohol
If you want to look your best when you age, then kiss bad habits goodbye! Alcohol and smoking are two major factors that contribute to skin ageing.

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