5 Face Exercises Could Make You Look Younger


No matter how healthy you are, your face will change as you age. As you get older, your face starts to lose some of its subcutaneous fat—particularly along the jawline—making you appear more angular and tired.

By 40, you’ve lost 10 to 20 percent of your collagen—the structural protein that keeps our skin elastic and makes us look young—causing your face to literally droop. And as the tissue around your eyes gets weaker, the fat that helped support them moves to the lower eyelids and takes the form of those mattresses under your eyes.

But now we’ve got some good news. According to a recent study published in JAMA Dermatology, doing face exercises for just thirty minutes-per-day could make you look as much as three years younger!

Researchers asked 27 women aged 40 to 65 to complete two sets of 90-minute exercises with a facial exercise instructor. They continued doing this face exercises at home for thirty minutes per day for the next eight weeks, then did them every other day for the next 12 weeks.

Of the women recruited, 16 claimed they diligently completed the exercises as instructed, and dermatologists compared photographs of them before and after the trial and assessed them using a standardized facial aging scale.

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