5 flowers that have incredible beauty benefits


Instead of expensive chemical-laden creams and lotions, try using those that have flower extracts in them. The natural compounds in these flowers can impart a number of beauty benefits.

Want to gift something to a beauty junkie this festive season? You must look for natural and organic beauty products that have flower extracts in them. Did you know that topical application of flower extracts or oils derived from them is known to enhance your skin and hair naturally? Try incorporating these flowers into your beauty regimen.

Jasmine: Jasmine is known for its skin moisturizing properties to make the skin smooth and soft. It’s relaxing smell is also known to calm you down. Jasmine oil can make your hair soft and keep your scalp infection-free.

Calendula or marigold: This is known to reduce skin irritation, crow’s feet and acne. It is also known for moisturizing dry skin. Calendula oil is known to improve blood circulation thus imparting a healthy glow. Marigold can also help make your hair thicker by boosting blood circulation in the scalp promoting faster hair growth.

Rose: Rose is known to make the skin soft and smooth. Rosewater is excellent for treating acne. Rose petals contain antibacterial properties that help the pimples to dry and heal quickly. The compound phenyl ethanol in roses also speeds up the healing process. Oh, it also helps to lighten the acne marks that follow acne.

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