5 inexpensive ways to get in shape


Weight loss, getting fit and into a perfect shape, these have become a basic requirement for almost everyone these days. People spend money to get a diet from a professional, get themselves a gym membership, expensive workout gear and everything that’s required to make them look and feel fit. Weight loss has become one of the fastest growing markets in India with people getting aggressive for the outcomes.

While the health aspect of the modern weight loss concept is understandable, we also believe that it’s not mandatory to invest in a lot of money for the same. Putting few things in right spot and perspective can get you desired results. You just to give in some time, have patience and make changes that will be difficult to sustain at the beginning. Once you get into the flow, you will see changes.

Replace snacks with an apple or avocado for effective weight loss

An apple a day keeps a doctor and same goes for an avocado too. Whenever you are hungry and think of reaching for an unhealthy snack, grab any of these two fruits instead. It’s because these are rich in fibre and works in great sync with our digestion system making our metabolism strong. When you feed yourself an apple or an avocado when hungry, you are giving your metabolism a richer source to work for.

Have a heavy breakfast, fill your stomach

When you get up in morning, you need to feed something to your metabolism to get into action again and produce enough energy to last throughout the day. A heavy breakfast also helps keeping your calorie requirement under check for the rest of the day. If you eat less during the day, you restrict calories. It also gives enough energy to boost brain and body functioning. There have been studies to prove that people who eat a heavy breakfast are thinner than those who take a light or no breakfast. But the idea is to keep your other meals light with less carbs.

Try to have coffee during the day for weight loss

Coffee helps boosting body’s metabolism and hence, helps in cutting fat. In fact, if you can have black coffee and cut the calories from milk, it’s even better. It also helps in relieving stress which is a major contributor in weight gain. But make sure you don’t consume more than couple of cups in one day. Excess of coffee can backfire. If you have an underlying health condition, discuss coffee consumption with your doctor.

Don’t do ab workout everyday

If you have been working out at home and have a great series of exercises decided, you are on a right track. But if you are doing an ab workout every day, it’s wrong practice. It should be done every alternate day. Working on your abs everyday can make all the fat to accumulate around the belly area. This can make you look fat, even though you might be healthier or have appropriate weight.

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