5 natural ways to grow hair faster

It can take months or even a year to notice hair growth. According to experts, hair grows half an inch every month and can take a lot of time to be visible in months. There aren’t any shortcuts to make your hair grow faster, but there are surely a few natural ways you can try to boost your hair growth. Here are a few hair tips to make your hair grow faster:

Avoiding the trimming session can hinder the healthy growth of hair. Regular trimming helps to get rid of rough, damaged and split ends and boosting the overall hair growth.

Shampooing your hair regularly strips away the natural hair oil which helps nourishing the hair. This is one thing you should avoid if you want your hair to grow faster. While washing your hair, lather up the shampoo around the scalp and gently cleanse the hair.

One hair mistake a lot of us make is skipping the conditioner after shampooing. Even if you have oily hair, you must condition the ends of the hair. The ends get rough, damaged and thinner with time. Conditioning hair regularly helps to seal the cuticles (which is the outer cellular layer of the hair) and avoid any hair damage.

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