5 Quick Yoga Ways to De-Stress in Traffic

Morning snarls, rush hour traffic, and the pollution can weigh the best of us down, even before reaching the work place, drawing from our productivity. The result is, we reach work half tired, irritated and ready to unleash our wrath on the slightest provocation. But what if there were ways to retain the loss of energy and simple exercises that you can practice while stuck in a thick unrelenting traffic! Here are seven yoga exercises from yoga expert Kamlesh Barwal, author of the book, Log Off To Log In, that you can do right at your steering wheel to relax and find peace in the moment.Seated Head Massage.

Investing 5-10 minutes in such short Yoga breaks can work wonders for the body and mind, says Kamlesh Barwal also CEO, Sri Sri School of Yoga. So, the next time you are stuck in a jam and find your head blowing a little steam, do these exercises and arrive at your destination with a lighter mind.
Anti-Stress Diet Tips

Dr Nisha Manikantan, Founder Director at Sri Sri Ayurveda and author of Ayurveda Simplified shares some food tips that you can use before you start out, or binge on while stuck on the road!

– Fruits such as strawberries, orange, guava and pineapple have large amounts of Vitamin C and are extremely beneficial against stress. The nutrients present in them help reduce fatigue.

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