5 reasons why you must eat gajar ka halwa this winter


There is something very special about gajar ka halwa that cannot be explained. It’s a mandatory Indian tradition to cook gajar ka halwa at home during winter as it screams love, care, tradition and ‘calories’.

However, since sugar has been declared as the white devil, people step back from eating this homemade Indian delicacy. In this article we will tell you why and how gajar ka halwa is a must have healthy dessert this winter.

1. The basic ingredient used to make gajar halwa is carrots. Carrots are loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and fibre. The vitamin A in carrots helps to improve the vision, thus making it mandatory to finish the halwa in your bowl.

2. Adding milk to the halwa adds calcium and protein to the dish. The cashews and raisins add to the protein and antioxidants in the halwa.

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