5 Things To Remember Before You Get A Haircut


A haircut may seem like a simple process – sit in a chair, get your hair cut and you’re done. But unless you want it cut to your preference with results that make you happy, that definitely isn’t the way to do it. Like most activities, haircuts too require a fair bit of preparation.

If you’d like to get a haircut that you like when you see in the mirror rather than one you regret when you’re back home, we’ve got the solution. Before you next haircut appointment, make sure you remember these 5 tips.

1. Understand What You Want

┬áBefore you even step into the salon, it’s important to understand what you want from the haircut. Do you want a radical new look by chopping the length? Do you want a runway inspired hairstyle? Or do you just want a few inches trimmed off? Do your research about the look you want, carry a picture of a hairstyle you like and then book your appointment.

2. Maintenance Is Important

Sometimes you may like a particular hairstyle, but the maintenance needed to keep it looking fantastic is far too much. Once you step out of the salon, maintaining a hairstyle is up to you. Keep in mind your lifestyle, exercise habits, commute etc. and how you wear your hair to all of these. If it’s working out too high maintenance for your taste, ask your hairstylist to recommend a cut that’s lower on upkeep instead.