5 tips for a glowing winter radiance


The harsh, cold winter air is bad for skin. It can not only make your skin look dull and itchy, but it can also remove all moisture from your skin. It is no better indoors too as heating devices strip the moisture from the skin and make it extremely dry. Taking a hot, steamy bath may seem like a good solution. But the hot water too is bad for skin. Winter radiance seems impossible in light of these odds.

Oil-based lotions and creams may help, say experts

According to researchers at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, as the weather turns colder, dry skin becomes a common problem for most people. They say that most lotions and creams contain one or both of the following agents – an oily agent and a watery agent. Creams or lotions with an oily feel can come to the rescue and provide a covering that slows the escape of moisture from the exposed surface allowing re-hydrating from below. They further add that oil-based lotions and creams have an ‘occlusive’ function in that they cover the skin and allow healing like a band-aid. These may also contain additives that can soften and soothe the skin. According to them, these additives are commonly known by most people and appear on the label of over-the-counter preparations. But they are not considered medicinal agents and, at a certain concentration, usually don’t need to be prescribed by a dermatologist.

Experts from the New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center say that the best way to combat winter skin woes is to moisturise, cleanse, avoid extreme cold and protect yourself from the wind. They also suggest that you limit your use of hot water and soap, humidify the air around you and protect yourself from the sun. Moreover, taking vitamin D supplements and visiting a dermatologist will also help.

A few other tips for getting that winter radiance

Let us take a look at a few other things that can help you exude that elusive winter radiance.

Keep indoor heating low

Indoor heating can spell disaster for your delicate skin. It is normal for you to tun up the heat as the weather gets colder. But this can also make the air more dry. Do it is best to keep the heat at a low and comfortable level. This will ensure that your skin does not have to pay the price for your comfort.

Eat right and stay hydrated

In winter, we often forget to drink enough water. This is bad and have affect your skin. Make it a point to stay hydrated at all times. Also try to include fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are good at this time. Have a lot of sea food like salmon and healthy fats. It will make your skin healthy from the inside.

Make showers quick and keep water temperature low

Hot water makes the skin dry. Long steamy showers are tempting in winter. But to keep that radiance, you will have to keep shower time short and also use water that is not too hot. Lukewarm water is best for your skin.

Use natural cleansers

If you want to exude a winter radiance, you need to go natural. Use cleansers and soaps that are chemical-free. It is great if you can get a moisturising cleanser or gel. Also limit your use of soap. This will prevent dryness and other winter-related skin problems.

Get a humidifier

This is absolutely essential for everyone. As we all know, winter air is dry and cold. It strips your skin of moisture and makes it dull and dry. Investing in a humidifier will be the best thing you can do for your skin in this season. It will make the air around you moist and this will ensure that your skin remains hydrated at all times.

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