5 Tips To Start Running At Any Age


So you want to start running. You want to be the guy who gracefully, gazelle-like even, runs past Pret instead of into it. You want to be the person posting smug Instagrams with a marathon medal instead of a footlong. But to be honest, it sounds like a lot of effort and you need some motivation. That’s fine.

Meet Dave Fowler. In his 60+ years, he has completed around 25 marathons. Motivation was never an issue for Dave, as he did it raising money for Help In The Nick Of Time, a charity he set up in memory of his son.

We’re not saying you need a life-affirming event to transform you into ‘A Runner’. But when ASICS launched a campaign to encourage people to find a reason to run, Dave’s decades of running for a meaningful cause made him an obvious choice to help hit the ground running.

Not that we’re trying to shame you or anything, but if you’re looking for an ‘if he can do it’ moment, this is probably it.

You may have a personal motivation like Dave’s – or you may simply want to see if your body hold ups through a 5k. Either way, to get you started, we asked Dave to share the ‘start running’ tips that worked for him – and then talked to Full Potential running coach Ben Barwick to back up Dave’s advice with some practical expertise.

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