5 tips to winter-poof hair to prevent hair damage


Experts say that unlike summers, winters are healthier for skin and hair. However, there are still few hair woes that this season brings along. Winters are dry and cold; the change of temperature indoors and outdoors make hair lose its shine and bounce. Also. scalp problems like dandruff is also common. Split ends and hair breakage are also quite common during this season. Because of dry and cold winds, scalp loses it moisture quite easily making hair look dry. Static and frizz also come with winter clothes and you can’t escape it. However, we can help you with some tips with which you can maintain health and lustrous hair this season.

Prevent hair damage with olive oil: In winters, hair can lose its moisture to dipping temperature and harsh chilly winds. No scarfs and caps can help you when you step out. The dry-warm blower air inside the room is also harmful. It’s important to lock in the moisture of the hair. Olive oil is the best for massaging the scalp for moisture boost and some relaxation. Heat the oil and apply when it’s warm. Massage the scalp gently. Do it every time before shampooing your hair for healthy hydrated locks.

Don’t leave home with wet hair: It takes longer than usual for hair to get dry in winter. Dip in temperature makes it difficult to get air-dried hair and you may not have enough time to wait. However, still don’t commit the mistake of stepping out with wet hair in winters. It’s because the cold temperature makes the water to freeze in the hair follicle which cause hair breakage. You may see excessive hair fall if in case that’s the practice you follow. Wash your hair a day before if it’s urgent or take help of a hair dryer.

Prevent hair damage by washing hair less frequently: It’s anyway tough to have frequent hair washes in cold weather. Isn’t it great to know that this might help your hair health? Washing hair frequently rips the scalp off its natural oils. This results in flaky scalp which is itchy. Washing it once or twice a week should be enough. As you don’t sweat much in winters, it won’t even make your hair look oily.

Prevent hair damage with honey: Honey can be a natural hair mask that can be your winter go-to. It not only restores the lost moisture, but also makes hair look visibly voluminous. It doesn’t eve weight the hair down. Just apply it to hair length and wash off after 20 minutes with lukewarm water. It will make the hair shiny and bouncy.

Avoid excessive heat: Whether it’s about taking shower with hot water or using heat tools for styling, anything with excessive heat can damage hair. Try to avoid hair styling tools frequently. The temperature dries out the scalp causing hair damage and hair fall. It can also make scalp itchy when dry. Similar thing happens when you wash hair with hot water—use lukewarm water if it’s too cold for cool water.

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