5 Very Easy Ways to Slash Empty Calories

Whether you’re trying to reach a goal weight or just cut out some mindless grazing, there are plenty of reasons to cut unnecessary calories out of your eating routine. That’s because when you switch to more whole foods (and fewer processed ones) not only is your waist size likely to shrink, but your risk of all sorts of illness, from cancer to heart disease, drops dramatically.

However, most of us know that’s often easier said than done. Between busy schedules, families with varying palates, and—let’s face it—plenty of cravings, it can be tough to eat healthy when surrounded by convenient and delicious options.

Fortunately, swapping some of those empty calories with healthy ones can be easier and tastier than you’d think.

Opting for foods rich in nutrients like protein, fiber, unsaturated fats, and yes, unrefined carbs, can help you lose weight—and keep it off, as well as boost your overall health. Here are some of our favorite tips for slashing empty calories.

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