5 Ways To Boost Your Bone Strength


It is important to build strong bones before you get to a certain age, especially if you are a woman. While aging is associated with a normal loss of bone density, there are many preventable factors to consider. Here are a few tips you can follow to boost your bone health.

1. Increase your intake of calcium and vitamin D

Calcium plays a primary role in boosting bone strength, by building it and slowing down bone loss. But you also need to get enough vitamin D, the nutrient responsible for transporting the calcium.

For a healthy adult, the daily recommended calcium intake is 1,000 milligrams while those over the age of 50 should aim for 1,200 milligrams. While most people link vitamin D to sun exposure, it can also be found in milk, fortified breakfast cereals, and eggs.

2. Don’t just walk, take up strength exercises

While more and more people are taking up aerobic activity, studies showed strength exercises are not being prioritized enough. An activity like walking could improve heart health, but can’t singlehandedly strengthen your muscles and bones.

Strengthening activities like tennis, dancing, jumping rope, hiking, stair climbing and training with weights are what can help in boosting muscle and bone health.

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