5 Ways to Boost Your Mental Health This Season


Even if the weather in your part of the world deceives you, it is actually Spring, which means the season for cleaning, rejuvenation, and blissful potential. But this year, before opening that dusty closet, try a different kind of Spring cleaning.

Pause, breathe, and invest your time in creating positive and healthy habits that will free your mind and soul. Learn the benefits of a clear, energized mind by following these healthy habits we’ve compiled and are incorporating into our own Spring mindfulness cleanse.

Declutter Your Busy Mind

Everyone experiences the sense of exhausting themselves from the pressures of everyday life and trying to find a balance between school, freedom, kids, work, love, and so on. These responsibilities create myriad thoughts with a byproduct of feeling stressed and frenzied. When you’re ready to discard the conscious clutter, the first step to a blissful psyche is simple: rid your mind of all the junk.

Throughout the day, jot down those wild thoughts. Or after waking in a sweat from a work-related nightmare, tell your lady-bot, Alexa or Siri. Second, prioritize your thoughts into lists of importance, such as “Must Do or Will Be Bankrupt” or “Sh*t Can Wait” and everything in between. If you are an overachiever, continue into categories of wants and whimsy, such as “Elon Musk-esque Inventions” or “My Creative Bucket List.”

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